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Annual General Meeting


Please be advised that Barbados Astronomical Society Inc. intends to hold its next Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 24th March 2018, at 19:00 at Harry Bayley Observatory.


Barbados Astronomical Society Inc. shall make every effort to notify all current and past members of this meeting via phone and email. Interested parties are kindly asked to confirm their attendance to the Society's Secretary, Catherine Walcott, at

Who Can Attend

Any current member, past member, or friend, can attend the AGM. Seating priority will go to current Life and Full Members and proxy holders.

Who Can Vote

Life Members, paid-up Full Members and proxy holders for paid-up Full Members. The Treasurer will have a list of paid-up Full Members. Full Members who have not paid the $100 subscription fee before the AGM will be permitted to pay the fee before the AGM is called to order. Proxy holders for unpaid Full Members will be permitted to pay the subscription fee on the member’s behalf and the receipt will be issued in the name of the member.

Past Members (those members who were not Full Members in 2017) must rejoin the Society before the date of the AGM to be eligible to vote at the AGM. Please contact the Secretary at to make an application and arrange to pay your subscription fee.

Voting by General Proxy

Any Life Member or Full Member can provide a General Proxy to any person to use at the AGM. The Proxy form (see below link) must be completed and either (1) printed and given to the proxy holder to bring to the AGM, or (2) emailed to the Secretary at In order for an emailed proxy to be valid it MUST come from the email address on record for the member submitting it.

Distribution of Ballots

All those eligible to vote at the AGM and arriving before the AGM is called to order will receive a ballot from the Secretary on arrival. The Secretary will have a list of Life Members and paid-up Full Members. Full Members paying at the AGM must show their receipt. Proxy holders having a printed proxy or whose names are on the validated list of emailed proxies will receive one ballot for each valid proxy, provided a Full Member represented by proxy is paid up before the start of the AGM.

Simple votes during the meeting will be taken by a show of hands. Voting for officers will take place last by marking and surrendering the ballot.


The Secretary at is accepting nominations for the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Operations Officer. Nominations must be received by March 20th. The nominating member MUST copy the nominee member in the nominating email, and the nominee member MUST reply to the email accepting the nomination unless the nomination is a duplicate. The Nominee must also be a paid up member before the start of the AGM, but does not have to be present.

Below is an outline of the responsibilities of each office:

(a) The President shall (i) represent the Society in dealings with all other organizations and individuals, and may speak for the Society on all matters on which the Directors have reached a consensus, and (ii) conduct correspondence and perform such other duties as are incident to the office;

(b) The Vice-President shall (i) have the power to perform any duties delegated to him by the President, (ii) shall assume the office of President if such office becomes vacant for any reason, and hold it until a new President is elected, and (iii) serve as ex officio member of all standing Committees and shall oversee their work. In emergency situations when the President is unavailable or incapacitated, the Vice-President shall have the power to sign contracts for the Society;

(c) The Secretary shall (i) maintain membership lists, including the status of each membership and shall keep such records in such manner that information is always readily available, (ii) publish and mail ballots, special notices, special publications, and other material as directed by the Directors, (iii) answer and file correspondence of the Society as directed by the Directors, (iv) keep a true and accurate record of all meetings and shall be responsible for ensuring that decisions of the Directors and of all meetings of the Society are implemented, (v) ensure the filing of any required Notice of Change of Directors with the Registrar, (vi) have the exclusive power to sign contracts for the Society, on which the Directors have reached a consensus, (vii) inform members of relevant Society business, and (vii) inform Officers, Directors and Committee Chairmen of any changes in the Society’s activities that might affect them;

(d) The Treasurer shall (i) make disbursements on the written order of the President and deposit all sums received in one of the Society’s designated bank accounts, (ii) send subscription notices, collect subscriptions, and notify the Secretary of any subscriptions more than three (3) months in arrears, (iii) keep full and accurate accounts of all moneys received and expended by the Society, (iv) ensure the timely filing of the Society’s tax returns, and (v) make financial reports to the Directors at least quarterly, and at any other time when called upon to do so by the President;

(e) The Operations Officer shall, in respect of the astronomical instruments, accessories and all electronic equipment, (i) oversee the training of members in its proper use and the accreditation of such members, (ii) monitor its proper use and continued functioning, (iii) coordinate any required maintenance or necessary repairs.

The Secretary will compile a list of nominees to appear on the ballots distributed at the AGM.

To download a membership application and voting proxy forms, please click on either of the following links:

Proxy Form Membership Form