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International Year of Astronomy

By mandate of the United Nations, 2009 was declared the International Year of Astronomy to commemorate the 400th anniversary of two significant events in the history of the science. In 1609, the Italian Galileo Galilei made the first recorded astronomical observations using a telescope, while the German mathematician Johannes Kepler, in his treatise Astronomia Nova, enunciated the fundamental laws of planetary motions.

As part of the worldwide Year of Astronomy commemorative events, a group from the Barbados Astronomical Society visited Trinidad to establish contact, in person, with the Trinidad & Tobago Astronomical Society. The members of this group were the B.A.S President, Mr. Ricardo Small, the Secretary, Mrs. Carol O'Dowd, and Council Member, Mr. Greg Merrick.

The culmination of the B.A.S group's visit to Trinidad was attending the monthly meeting of the T.T.A.S, on June 27, at the Sir Frank Stockdale Building of the St. Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies. At the meeting, the B.A.S group presented a set of four DVDs (of the BBC series, The Planets) to the T.T.A.S President, Dr. Maura Imbert.

The B.A.S group wishes to thank Dr. Maura Imbert, the other members of the Trinidad & Tobago Astronomical Society, and Dr. Shirin Haque, for their warm hospitality, and looks forward to strengthening the ties that have been established.

In time, the Barbados Astronomical Society intends also to foster links with its counterpart in Jamaica.

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50th Anniversary

On March 10, the Barbados Astronomical Society successfully hosted the first ever Dr. Harry Bayley Memorial Lecture, one of the highlights of the Sci-Tech Expo. The guest speaker was Mr. Terence Dickinson. His lecture, entitled A Tour of the Universe, was attended by a large and appreciative audience.

A leading Canadian astronomy writer, Mr. Dickinson has received numerous awards, including the New York Academy of Sciences Book-of-the-Year Award, and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific's Klumpke-Roberts Award for outstanding contributions in communicating astronomy to the public. In 1995, he received the Order of Canada, his nation's highest civilian achievement award.

Besides being a former editor of Astronomy Magazine, Mr. Dickinson has also been an instructor at several science museums and planetariums in Canada and in the United States. He became a full-time writer in 1976, and his articles have appeared in many magazines. He writes a weekely astronomy column for The Toronto Star, and is a consultant for the Canadian Discovery Channel.

The Barbados Astronomical Society takes this opportunity to thank Mr. Dickinson again for his time, presence and sterling presentation. We look forward to welcoming him once more to our shores.

On June 4, the Astronomical Society celebrated a thanksgiving service at St. David's Church in Christ Church.

Terence Dickinson

Terence Dickinson