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1950s Design

The launching of Sputnik by the Soviet Union in 1957 is usually cited as the beginning of the Space Age. However, Space, conceptualized as a new frontier for mankind to conquer, was already well-embedded in the human psyche and popular culture. The influence of Space can be seen, for example, in Art, movies and the design of everday utensils, automobiles, fashion, and futuristic architecture.

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Illustration by 
Nikolai M. Kolchitsky, 1955

'View of Saturn and its moon Tethys'
by Nikolai M. Kolchitsky, 1955


Sputnik 1, launched on
October 4, 1957

1950s tableware with atomic/space theme

1950s tableware with
atomic/space design

1950s fabric

1950s fabric

Advertisement from National Motor Bearing Co., Inc.

Advertisement for National
Motor Bearing Co., Inc.

Moon bridal hat, 1956

Moon bridal hat, 1956

Atomic Disintegrator

1950s 'atomic disintegrator' toy gun

Model spacecraft from 'Fobidden Planet'

Scale model spacecraft used in the 1957 movie
'Forbidden Planet'

1960s Design

Sputnik Chandelier

1950s 'sputnik' chandelier

Sunburst Clock

1950s sunburst clock

Rosewood chest of drawers by Edmund J. Spence - 1950s

Rosewood chest of drawers by
Edmund J. Spence - 1950s

1950s wallpaper

1950s wallpaper

1959 Cadillac fins

Cadillac Eldorado Seville
fin, 1959

Toy Top

1950s toy top with space theme

Flying Saucer Toy

1950s Astro 8 flying saucer toy

The Day The Earth Stood Still, 1951

Scene from the 1951 movie 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'

Flying saucer ashtray - 1954

Flying saucer ashtray - patented 1954