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Science Fiction Book Covers

'Star Trek Crucible: Kirk' by David R. George III

198 pieces

Star Trek Crucible: Kirk - The Star To Every Wandering by David R. George III

In a single moment, the lives of three men will be forever changed. In that split second, defined paradoxically by both salvation and loss, they will destroy the world and then restore it.

'Empire Ascendant' by Kameron Hurley

170 pieces

Empire Ascendant by Kameron Hurley

Every two thousand years, the dark star Oma appears in the night sky, bringing with it a tide of death and destruction.

'Ancillary Justice' by Ann Leckie

209 pieces

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie

Breq is both more than she seems and less than she was. Years ago, she was Justice of Toren, a colossal starship with an artificial intelligence linking thousands of corpse soldiers in the service of the Radch, the empire that conquered the galaxy.

'Metropolis' by Thea Von Harbou

180 pieces

Metropolis by Thea Von Harbou

This city of the future encompasses two worlds: that of the hedonistic ruling class and that of a segregated subculture, toilers in a mechanized underworld who labor to provide the rich with their pleasures.